Smarter drug re-profiling

Re-Pharm is an early-stage drug discovery and development company based on the principles of compound re-profiling: the process of finding new uses for old pharmaceuticals.

We believe that there are areas of unmet medical need that can be profitably treated by using a smart approach to drug re-profiling. Our goal is to identify compounds which are currently on the market or that have previously failed to make it to market for commercial reasons and re-purpose them to address serious and significant diseases in areas of unmet medical need.

We combine expert scientific insight with proven computational technology to progress compounds that are candidates for re-profiling. Our experienced pharmacologists and chemists work with patented computational techniques to identify and evaluate re-profiling opportunities. Promising candidates are optimized, validated and rapidly progressed.

Re-Pharm has developed a pipeline of compounds that have an excellent combination of lowered cost, lowered risk and faster development pathways. We continue to extend our patent portfolio in diverse therapeutic areas.

Our candidate compounds have been through a rigorous process of validation to identify opportunities with well understood disease biology, robust pharmacology and promising commercial opportunity.