Dr Robert Scoffin

Chief Executive Officer


Rob is an expert in the fields of molecular modeling and cheminformatics. His previous roles include CEO of Amedis and VP, Europe at CambridgeSoft. Rob is also CEO of Cresset, a software and services company that helps chemists discover, design and optimize the best small molecules for their project. His DPhil is in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

Rob is passionate about applying computational methods to help meet medical challenges. He believes drug discovery and design can be streamlined and improved through the use of computational methods, resulting in better drugs being brought to market sooner.

Dr Alan Rothaul

Chief Scientific Officer


A pharmacologist by training, Alan has a strong track record in drug discovery and development with particular expertise in pre-clinical biology, pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology and toxicology. His deep knowledge of pharmacology, combined with practical experience of bringing compounds to market, gives him a keen eye for re-profiling opportunities.

Alan was a co-founder of the re-profiling company Serentis Ltd and has held positions at Arakis Ltd, Celltech-Chiroscience, British Biotechnology and Smith Kline & French. He has a degree in Pharmacology and received his PhD from the University of Wales in Cardiff, followed by post-doctoral research in Glasgow.

Dr David Bardsley

Commercial Director


David has extensive commercial experience with software and technology solutions gained over many years in customer facing roles for the worldwide scientific market. He combines scientific knowledge with business acumen to enable the customer to deliver outstanding solutions with excellent returns.

David also serves as Commercial Director at Cresset. Prior to Cresset, he was responsible for business development and strategic commercial growth with Symyx Technologies and CambridgeSoft. David’s PhD and BSc are both in Microbiology from the University of Wales, Cardiff.