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Current opportunities

RP0217 is an existing, marketed compound which is formulated as an oral tablet for use in systemic indications.

We have identified novel activity for the molecule in the Anx-A1 pathway. This has been validated in a series of pre-clinical experiments, showing the anticipated standalone anti-inflammatory activity, plus a synergy with exogenous glucocorticoids, which can then lead to a ‘steroid sparing’ strategy with a co-formulation of RP0217 plus steroid.

Patent RPN003 covers the use of RP0217 with and without co-formulated or co-administered steroids in topical ophthalmic indications, specifically conjunctivitis and uveitis, and prophylactic use in surgical applications such as LASIK.

Patent RPN004 covers the use of RP0217 with and without steroids in other topical applications including topical to the lung for, e.g., asthma and topical to the gut for, e.g., IBD.

PCT Applications

Application Number Publication Number Status

PCT/GB2014/051108 WO 2014/167326 A1 Published
RPN004 PCT/GB2014/051109 WO 2014/167327 A1 Published


GB Patents

Application Number Publication Number Status
RPN003 GB1406390.3 GB2516137 Granted
US 14/783038 Under examination
RPN004 GB1406396.0 GB 2516138 Granted
US 14/782975 Under examination

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